The Tower House, Portland OR

The Tower House in Portland, Oregon designed by Architect Benjamin Waechter and built by Prutting & Company, is complete!   Photos below by Laura Swimmer.

LS20130917_towerhouse_004v1 LS20130917_towerhouse_006v2 LS20130917_towerhouse_009 LS20130917_towerhouse_010v1 LS20130917_towerhouse_011v1 LS20130917_towerhouse_012 LS20130917_towerhouse_014 LS20130917_towerhouse_015v1 LS20130917_towerhouse_019v1 LS20130917_towerhouse_022 LS20130917_towerhouse_023 LS20130917_towerhouse_024 LS20130917_towerhouse_025 LS20130917_towerhouse_026


About TKMarkowitz

-Assistant Project Manager at Prutting & Company -Graduate Bachelor of Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
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