Pound Ridge, NY

Prutting & Company is currently building a stunning new residence in Pound Ridge, NY designed by KieranTimberlake Architects.  See their description below.


“Set within a heavily wooded and rocky Pound Ridge hillside, this residence comprises 5,250 gross square feet over two levels of living space. Designed as three shifting volumes that gently respond to the site’s natural slopes and plateaus, the structure includes a lower garage and entry level anchored in stone to a flat portion of the hillside, while the upper bedroom and living areas move lightly between the massive rock outcroppings of a dramatic glacial ridgeline.

Highly-insulated SIP wall and roof construction form the building’s upper level, and strategically placed full-height window openings capitalize on both up-close views of the adjacent rock formations and far-off views down the gently sloped forest floor. A thin glass bridge connects the private bedroom areas to the common living spaces and invites passage beneath to walking paths and higher elevations on site.  Cladding the upper volumes is a panelized stainless-steel rainscreen, varying between satin and reflective in finish, that both camouflages the building and provides an abstracted reflection of its elemental surroundings.”



About TKMarkowitz

-Assistant Project Manager at Prutting & Company -Graduate Bachelor of Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
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