A Historical Transformation

While Prutting & Company has made a name for itself in contemporary building, Dave Prutting is a seasoned veteran when it comes to traditional home renovation.  One of his more notable jobs is a property located in Greenwich.  Much like the rest of industrial Connecticut, this property used to be home to a mill.  Built in 1910, it began as a modest, 2 story building, and by the mid-1900s became a 2-acre estate comprised of 3 contiguous buildings on the Horse Neck River.  Working with Jed Johnson Associates & Joeb Moore + Partners, Prutting & Company renovated the entire house creating a storybook home buried in a meadow.  The design kept the classic stone of the English Cottage Style in the front, while opening the back to a complete view of the meadow with contrasting Natural Cedar Shingles & Painted White Millwork.  The addition of a new enclosed rear porch gives a particular lightness allowing the option of complete glass enclosure, screening, or open-air access to the backyard.  For more information, please see the photos below showing the original structure, and Prutting & Company’s current renovation.


About TKMarkowitz

-Assistant Project Manager at Prutting & Company -Graduate Bachelor of Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
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